Set goals. Crush them. Repeat.

This week I want to talk to you about setting goals. Some of you may already be doing this and I want this to be a part of our weekly routine. It doesn’t have to take you ages and they don’t have to be massive, but once you start setting goals, you’ll start smashing them.

I’ve set myself a goal to show up on Facebook at least twice a day. I put time aside each month to make a plan of what I will be sharing on Facebook each day, it means I don’t have to spend time every day coming up with something new while I’m busy with other things, I simply check my content plan and post.

Another goal I have set is to take a selfie with each LipSense colour! I know this sounds like a lot of work, but in reality I just pick a new colour each day and once I’ve finished doing my daily make up I take a selfie. That way I always have photos to post displaying our range of gorgeous colours. I also mention the other SeneGence products I have used like ShadowSense or BlushSense.

You are the best way to show off our products. Use them, share them and talk about them.

Here are some examples of goals you could set for yourself:

  • Post to Facebook ten times per week
  • Speak to three new people about SeneGence per week
  • Try one new product per week
  • Do one livestream on Facebook per week – I they can seem scary, but they can really help your business!