Hey There!

My name is Carla Telford, I’m a busy mum of four, make up lover, lash technician and businesswoman.

I run my own home-based eyelash business and have built up my client base to around 50 clients a month. I love making women feel beautiful and this lead me to beginning my second home-based business as SeneGence distributor.

I started my SeneGence business in April 2017 after watching a video on the LipSence range and I immediately knew I need these products in my life! I first purchase a red lippy and wore it to Wet N Wild on holidays and I was immediately hooked. I couldn’t believe that it really was smudge proof and lasted ALL day. I loved the products so much I began talking to my lash clients about SeneGence and my business flourished from there. I began my SeneGence business in early 2017 and within a year I had made it to the rank of Lady.

I have used my networking skills (I love a good chat) and determination to get this far. I’ve built up my business, by talking to people about our awesome products. Just like you, my time is precious, but I have also dedicated a small amount of time every day to work on my business. And now I have financial freedom, I can work the hours that suit me and I love what I do.

And if you ever find yourself thinking this business might be for you, I’d love to help you get set up and start flourishing. Message me through my contact page to find out how I can help you launch a business of your very own.


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