Learn To Apply Eyelash Extensions

Have you always had an interest in beauty and cosmetics?

Would you love to learn a fun and profitable skill in the beauty industry?

FabYouLash is now taking expressions of interest for their new course on applying eyelash extensions.

This course covers the theory and practice of eyelash extensions and can lead onto certification to practice lash applications on paying clients.

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What You’ll Learn


The aim of the course is to educate students in the theory and practice of lash extensions. The participants who complete the training will have a fundamental understanding of the application technique and feel confident enough to practice their newly acquired skills on willing models.

This training will NOT provide the students the required experience to practice lash extensions on paying clients. Students must complete 6 eyelash applications prior to completing lash extension certification. Student certification is conducted in a separate follow-up session scheduled to be completed within 6 weeks of the training.

Topics covered by the training include:

  1. Overview of lash extensions
  2. Style assessments
  3. Lash application techniques
  4.  OH&S Preparation & Practice
  5. Lash refill techniques
  6. Lash aftercare
  7. Packaging & pricing lash extensions for your salon
  8. Frequently asked questions
  9.  Consent forms and after care instructions
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