You may have heard me say that 300 PV is the magic number.

It has certainly been a magic number for me. Do you want to know what is so special about 300 PV? Lots!

  • During the first 90 days, 300 PV will get you a massive 50% off
  • If you’re outside your first 90 days, 300PV will still get you a massive 40% off – way better than 20% or 30% – AWESOME profits for your business
  • You need to do a minimum of 300 PV in the month to qualify for a rank advancement
  • You need to do 300 PV or more in the month for Group Sales Bonuses on your lower level downlines
  • By ordering 300 PV you then get 40% off for the rest of the calendar month – until you reach 750 PV which will get you the maximum discount of 50% off! YES PLEASE!

MY TIP: always have a play before you submit your orders. Quite often ordering less can cost you more – add a few extra products and the price can even be less than it was!

Don't check out with less than 300 PV

Order discounts are based on the cumulative PV during the calendar month and resets each month. I can’t wait to watch your business boom!